Water Portrait by KIROS Images

What is "Water Portrait?"

Imagine capturing the beauty of water in motion, the way it dances and glistens under the sun. "Water Portrait" is a unique photoshoot concept where you become the canvas, and water becomes the paint. It's a dynamic blend of artistry and photography, resulting in breathtaking, one-of-a-kind images that showcase your vibrant personality.

Dive into our boutique Water Portrait session, where your essence is elegantly captured amid the fluid interplay of the four elements (earth, wind, fire/light and water). Each image is a unique droplet in the ocean of your story, destined to ripple through generations. Immerse yourself and create an unforgettable portrait that's as distinctive as you are.

Water Portrait Special:

MONTREAL Sept. 2023 (Save 50 - 100%)

An invite-only portrait experience with KIROS Images in Montreal - Sept. 2023. Select participants will receive a sponsored shoot with 3 included edits.

Sept. 22 - 25

/ Montreal, QC (invite only)

Oct. 2 - 3

/ Reno, NV

Nov. 11 - 12

/ Toronto, ON

Why Water Portrait?

🌊 Surreal Beauty: Watch as water splashes and sparkles, creating a captivating backdrop for your photos. The interplay of light and liquid produces stunning visual effects that will leave you mesmerized.

💃 Express Yourself: "Water Portrait" allows you to express yourself in a whole new way. Whether you're looking for an elegant and ethereal look or a vibrant and energetic vibe, KIROS Images will bring your vision to life.

📷 Professional Expertise: KIROS Images specialize in "Water Portrait" photography and will guide you through the process, ensuring you're comfortable and confident throughout the shoot.

Water Portrait: Three Styling Options

Water Portrait sessions employ three styling options. The first option is "Wave Couture," a concept that uniquely blends natural elements with a bold splash of fashion-forward creativity. Next, there's the "Black Tide" look, where minimalist black attire sets the stage for elegant simplicity. And finally, we offer "Eau Naturelle," an ode to nature's purity while maximizing detailed textures and rich tones.

Signature Fashion / Accessories


Welcome to 'Wave Couture,' where avant-garde fashion seamlessly fuses with the elemental forces of water, light, and human expression, crafting a symphony of creative 'eau' couture artistry.

Subtle / Monochrome Fashion


Venture into the Black Tides of the Water Portrait, where the raw elements blend seamlessly with subtle black attire to celebrate your bold and sophisticated style.

Skin Tones / "Implied" Shirtless


Experience the pure essence of the Water Portrait as all-natural elements embrace your skin, mirroring the textures and hues of the environment to create tasteful and timeless images. 

The Process



Choose your preferred style and package.



Choose date/time and please be sure to make your deposit.



Come ready with your looks and towels!



This is your time to be in your element. Enjoy your shoot!

Exclusive Service Packages:

Package 01

Classic Water Portrait

This portrait package includes dedicated studio time where we'll meticulously craft dynamic, mantel-worthy moments.

You'll have the opportunity to select the image that truly resonate with your vision, as it is destined to become a timeless classic.

Additional images may be purchased.


Portrait Session

Up to 90 Minutes

Studio Time

Gallery Review

Three (3) Images

Starting from


Package 02

Epic Water Portrait

This exclusive package offers an extended studio session, allowing more time to explore various looks. After the session, you may select three images that resonate most with your vision.

An additional artist-selected image will weave together multiple layers of water movements, crafting a surge of visual artistry which will be available for print.


Portrait Session

Three (3) Hours

Studio Time

Gallery Review

Ten (10) Images

One Composite

One Print (13" x 19")

Starting from





Kia & Errol

My husband and I are overjoyed with the quality of our wedding photos! CJ arrived on time, dressed professionally, kept our large family organized. He interacted with our guests and got great shots of them.
Prior to the wedding, he communicated with me to assist in getting the vision we wanted. CJ did a fantastic job, he helped make our special day even better. I am very grateful! I highly recommend him.